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Christopher's Magic is perfect for ANY EVENT! Whether performing his Cabaret Show on Stage or Sleight of Hand right under your nose, Christopher demonstrates a true talent for entertaining. Your event can take place in a small living room at your home to a 60 foot stage and everything in between. Christopher will customize his act to fit the unique needs for you and your guests.

Christopher is currently offering ten (10) different show packages.

Click Here to see a list of Show Policies and Requirements.

Strolling Magic
This is great for any kind of cocktail party, hospitality suite, restaurant or any social event where a large show isn't required or where limited space is available. Christopher will make his way through the crowd demonstrating his Sleight of Hand talent for individuals and different groups of people.

Christopher will perform unexplainable and impossible acts with everyday objects such as cards, coins, money, ropes, string, cups and balls, finger rings, car keys, sharpie markers, writing pens, scarfs, and rubber bands. This is sophisticated sleight of hand at its finest. It's incredibly powerful and very intimate.

This is a great ice breaker for any party and really gets people talking and interacting with each other. To see photos click Here.

Up Close and Personal
For this show, the audience is seated around Christopher to view miracles only inches away.

Christopher will perform unexplainable and impossible acts with everyday objects just as he does with his strolling magic... but in a more "formal" show setting. This is sophisticated sleight of hand at its finest. It's incredibly powerful and very intimate.

This type of show is usually for smaller audiences, however, it may be performed in large arenas and theaters if jumbo-tron projection technology is available.

Crooked Gambling Demo
Although this is not really a magic show, you'll have a hard time believing your eyes! Several of the best secret card shark techniques are demonstrated. Many are even explained (along with "protection tips") so you'll know what to look out for to prevent them from being used on you!

Witness a demonstration of palming cards, false deals, switches, false cuts and shuffles, marking cards and stacking the deck. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! There are very few people in the world who can offer this type of performance.

The "LOL!" Comedy Magic Show
Stand Up Comedy mixed with Amazing Magic equals a fun-filled fast paced show that will leave everyone puzzled, amused, and inspired.

From the very start, Christopher will take your audience on an exciting trip filled with classic mystery, amazing magic, and astonishing feats appropriate for all ages. This show incorporates unique in-your-face magic with a mix of comedy, and Christopher's engaging personality, resulting in a "laugh out loud!" experience that you won't soon forget.

To see photos from the LOL Show click Here.

Tricks For Tots
This show was created specifically for children ages three to six! Christopher uses highly visual props, age appropriate humor, and fun and amazing magic to keep the younglings attentive and entertained!

"Tricks for Tots" has lots of audience participation and will focus on reinforcement of colors, numbers, counting, the alphabet, and the five senses. This is a show the little ones will be talking about long after the magic has ended.

Concentrated Insanity
Prepare yourself for a unique experience unlike no other. Christopher has the unusual ability to take the wildest and most incredibly amazing feats, and weave them into a unique tapestry of vivid illusion. Make no mistake... the stunts you're seeing are quite real. The squeamish need not apply!

This show is a non stop tour-de-force showcasing increasingly rare feats of skill, escapeology, and insane daredevil stunts all performed in Christopher's unique style. If you're looking for something DIFFERENT then this is the show for you!

To see photos from the show click Here.

The Street Act
Imagine that you're at a fair or festival. You're walking down the midway and you see a large crowd screaming, laughing and having a great time. "What's going on?" you wonder. Upon closer inspection, you see Christopher Lyle in the middle of the congregation "wowing" the large crowd.

The Street Act is a show that is specifically designed for fairs and festivals. Christopher is a master at gathering a crowd and keeping them entertained. A high energy show that is chock full of comedy, daredevil stunts and sleight-of-hand magic that is fun for the whole family. To see photos from the Street Act click Here.

Are you looking for something that's HOT! When you really need to impress a crowd, remember that Fire Eating has blown away audiences for hundreds of years.

Christopher has trained with some of the world's most elite fire performers and has become an expert in this very dangerous art. Placing torches in his mouth, flames leaping from his lips like a human candle, and a Grand Finale you must see to believe. So if fire is your thing, Christopher can bring the goods! To see photos click Here.

The Totally Twisted Balloon Show
This is without a doubt the worlds most awesomest balloon extravaganza ever in the history of planet Earth! This show is a one of a kind production unlike anything you have ever seen... ANYWHERE!

The Totally Twisted Balloon Show is a full "family friendly" hour of magic, comedy, and storytelling...all performed with the coolest balloon sculptures you have ever seen! It's a fully interactive showcase ending with "THE 6 FOOT BALLOON of DOOM!" Christopher will climb inside of a 6 foot balloon in a finale only a small handful of performers dare to attempt!

Balloons with Style
Welcome to the twisted world (literally) of Christopher Lyle.

You may have seen balloon sculptures before, but never like this! Christopher takes his advanced skills with latex to the next level to create astounding sculptures, costumes, hats, characters, and eye popping (pun intended) creations. There is nothing that Christopher can't create (provide he knows what it looks like). Attempting to bring a new era of balloon art , his innovative talents with twisting balloons will have people talking at your special event... GUARANTEED! To see photos click Here.

Big & Bad Balloon Sculptures
These larger than life balloons really make an impact on any event. They are available as add on's to any show package or as decor for any event. To see a full menu and pricing of all that's available, Click Here.

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